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Slide Shows

Greece 2006

We are greatly indebted to Gilbert Béranger (Thessaloniki 01, fourth diapositive) from the "Institut Français de Thessalonique" for this exhibition. It travelled in Greece first from Thessaloniki, then to the cities of Halkis, Kalamata, Patras, Volos. The exhibition benefited from the support of the "Mission Laïque Française".

Gilbert Béranger organized also a visit by a few classes of small kids (the last diapositives). Since the room was large, they were quite happy to run from a work to an other.

A standard question was: which one do you prefer, why ?

One of the most interesting diapo is the third before the end of Thessaloniki 01 : all the smallest kids were attracked by the pink, violet and blue "balls" of David Wright's Kleinian Pearls. Several physiological and psychological reasons can be proposed to explain that peculiar attraction.