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Second ESMA Conference

Date: 09/18/2013 - 09/20/2013
Location: University of Cagliari, Cagliari, Italy


The main themes of the Conference are:

- Mathematical tools and software for the creation of artistic scientific visualizations
- Analysis of artistic works from the mathematical point of view
- Pedagogical uses of scientific artistic works.


Please find here the program established by Renzo Caddeo (University of Cagliari), the list of participants and the poster of the conference..


08.30-9.30 Registration
09.30-10.10 Claude Bruter The pedagogical virtues of math and art exhibitions
10.10-10.50 George Hart Colossal Cardboard Constructions
11.10-12.00 Dmitri Kozlov Resilient Cyclic Knots for Studying of Form-Finding Methods
12.00-12.40 Francesco
De Comite
Experimental Mathematics
15.00-15.40 Daniela Velichova Minkowski Operators in Shape Modelling
15.40-16.20 Francesca Mereu Point cloud library for 3D visualizations. Practice with visions project K.1 3D device.
16.20-17.00 Patrice Jeener La gravure et les modèles mathématiques
18.30-19.30 Short play* Frigoriferi dell'altro mondo
19.30-20.30 Welcome drink*

* Auditorium Comunale, Piazza Dettori 8


9.00-9.40 François Apéry Joseph Caron et les modèles en bois de l'IHP
9.40-10.20 Renzo Caddeo, Gregorio Franzoni and Paola Piu Inverting Beauty
10.40-11.20 Douglas Dunham Angels and Devils on Triply Periodic Polyhedra
11.20-12.00 Livia Giacardi Models in mathematics teaching in Italy (1850-1950)
15.00-15.40 Richard Denner Polyhedral eversions of the sphere: first handmade models and JavaView applets
15.40-16.20 Andreas Daniel Matt Challenges in the implementation and design of math art and math exhibition software
16.40-17.10 Claude Bruter Mathematics for the working Artist Part II An introduction to the qualitative theory of cones
17.30-19.30 ESMA meeting


9.00-9.40 Marcella G. Lorenzi
“Painting with Light”: from digital photography to futurism revisited

The Möbius strip in art and architeture: From Romans to XX Century
9.40-10.20 Vincenzo Iorfida Fractal Aesthetics by Algebraic Surfaces
10.40-11.20 Massimo Ferri Mathematics and image retrieval
11.20-12.00 Renato Colucci Some Ideas on Nonlinear Musical Analysis

First pictures of the conference:

Special summary of our talks made by our Italian colleague Gianluca Bande: (cf: Newsletter December 2013 issue).

Preliminary List of Speakers:

  • F. Apéry (Université de Haute Alsace, Mulhouse): "Joseph Caron et les modèles en bois de l'IHP"
  • Claude Bruter (ex-Université Paris 12) (1: "Mathematical tools for working artists, Part II", 2: " The pedagogical virtues of the contents of Math & Art exhibitions")
    • An introduction to the qualitative theory of cones
  • Francesco De Comite (Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille)
  • Dmitri Kozlov (Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, Moscow)
  • Andreas Daniel Matt (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach)
  • Renato Colucci, Gerardo R. Chacon and Sebastian Leguizamon C (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Carrera 7 No. 43-82 Bogota, Colombia) "Some Ideas on Nonlinear Musical Analysis"
  • Denise Demaret-Pranville
  • Richard Denner "Polyhedral eversions of the sphere : first handmade models and JavaView applets"
  • Douglas DUNHAM "Angels and Devils on Triply Periodic Polyhedra"
  • Michele Emmer (Roma La Sapienza)
  • Massimo Ferri (Univ. Bologna ) "Mathematics and image retrieval"
  • Gregorio Franzoni (Università di Cagliari)
  • Livia Giacardi (Università degli Studi di Torino)
  • Maritza Beatriz Granados Manjarres
  • George Hart (Mathematical Sculptor, New York) "Giant Cardboard Constructions"
  • Patrice Jeener "La gravure et les modèles mathématiques"
  • Andreas Daniel Matt (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach) "Challenges in the implementation and design of math art and math exhibition software"
  • Richard Palais (University of California at Irvine)
  • Philippe Rips
  • Alexei Sossinsky (Independent University of Moscow) "Normal Forms, Minimization, Beauty in Mathematics and Nature"
  • Daniela Velichova (KM Sjf STU, Bratislava)


European Society for Mathematics and the Arts (ESMA)

Local Committee

  • Gianluca Bande
  • Renzo Caddeo
  • Beniamino Cappelletti-Montano
  • Gregorio Franzoni
  • Andrea Loi
  • Stefano Montaldo
  • Monica Musio
  • Paola Piu

Scientific Committee

  • François Apéry
  • Claude Bruter
  • Renzo Caddeo
  • Anatoly Fomenko
  • Michael Field
  • Dmitri Kozlov
  • Andreas Daniel Matt
  • Richard Palais

  • Location:

    - Conference venue: Aula Magna Matematica, Palazzo delle Scienze, via Ospedale 72, 09124 Cagliari

    - Exhibition venue: Cittadella dei Musei, Piazza Arsenale 8, 09124 Cagliari

    IMG_7591 IMG_7600
    Exhibition at the Cittadella dei Musei; photos by Dmitri Koslov


    There are no registration fees. To register send an e-mail to Gianluca Bande ( with the following informations:
    Arrival date
    Departure date

    Please write "ESMA registration" in the e-mail subject.