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Third ESMA Conference

Date: Ljubljana (Slovenia) on September 2016, 21 - 25
Lectures: Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University in Ljubljana.
A program (exhibition, lectures, workshops, etc) dedicated to Slavik Jablan, Paleolithic Op Art: Ljubljana Castle. URL:


The main themes of the Conference are:

- Mathematical tools and software for the creation of artistic scientific visualizations
- Analysis of artistic works from the mathematical point of view
- Pedagogical uses of scientific artistic works.

Program and first documents:


10:30 Registration & welcome
11:00 Opening of exhibition
11:30 Opening of conference
12:00 - 13:00 Claude Bruter Sicilian Wonders (1st Part)
14:30 - 15:30 Dmitri Kozlov Geometrical Approach to Generating of Pythagorean Triples and its Application in Art and Architecture
15:30 Gilles Baroin Tonnetze and Hyperspheres: Mathemusical representations for Tonal Music Analysis
17:00 - 18:00 Ljiljana Radovic Ornaments of Serbian Medieval Frescos
19:30 - 20:30 Ljiljana Radovic -Andelka Simií Slavik Jabian's Paleolithic OpArt, echibition
[Ljubljana Castel]


8:30 Claude Bruter Sicilian Wonders (2nd Part)
9:30 Gary Greefield Turing Patterns, Cellular Automata, Tilings and Op-Art
11:00 Douglas Dunham - John Shier Artistic Fractal Patterns
14:30 Dirk Huylebrouck A new infinite regular compound
15:30 John Sims Square Roots: A Quilted Manifesto
17:00 John Sims Artis Mathematicae, A John Sims Film
18:00 - 19:00 Rinus Roelofs Building a dome, public event
19:30 - 20:30 Rinus Roelofs Entwined Surfaces


8:30 Claude Bruter On intitiation into Maths using Math-Art
9:30 Mike Field Using Mathematics and Art in Educational Outreach
11:00 Tania Tatjana Stanković & Radica Karović Mathematical labyrinth as tool for mathematical competition
12:00 Bianca Violet & Andreas D. Matt Mathematical Images in Art and Communication
14:30 Andrea Hall Exploring symmetry in continuing education courses for mathematic teachers
16:00 Bogdan Soban Methodological approaches in the development of programs for generating images
18:00 ESMA board meeting
19:30 Javier Barrallo 37 days - the painting of Pablo Picasso's Guernica (public lecture)


8;30 Jasna Marković The rhythm of geometry
9:30 Branislava Jakovljević String art in mathematical education (lecture & workshom)
11:00 Milena Marić Visualization of isometric transformation
11:00-14:00 Rinus Roeslofs Building a dome (outdoor public event)
[Internatioinal Center of Graphic Art, Pod Turnom 3]
12:00 Patrice Jeener Le graveur de mathématiques
16:00 Visite of the house of Polyhedra (organized by Mateja Budin)
16:40 Tomaž Pisanski Presentation of the double torus sculpture
17:00 Round table: Possibility of a math park in Ljubljana
17:00 Andjelka Simić Slavik Jablan's Paleolithic OpArt (public workshop)
[Llubljana castel]
19:30 Gilles Baroin Math & Music (public lecture & concert)
21:00 John Sims Artis Mathematicae, A John Sims Film Math & Music (public lecture)
[Pritližje, Mestni trg 2]

First pictures of the conference:

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